Engineering Services

Our company provides concept-to-market Product Design Services to established technology companies as well as technology startups. In this extremely fast-paced competitive market, realizing an innovative cost-effective product is becoming exceedingly difficult. VeNMSOL provides services enabling its clients to maintain quality standards to meet the stringent demands of product reliability, high performance & low cost.

We have carved out a niche for ourselves in the embedded systems market – dealing in both hardware and software. We are one of the few players in the country to provide outsourcing services in the field of embedded systems to our customers.

Our service offerings include modeling and simulation, requirement analysis, hardware development, PCB design, prototype module, OS selection and development, software design and development, testing and verification services.

Our Technology Offerings includes,

  • PCB Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Embedded Software Design
  • Embedded Networking Software Design
  • DSP Design
  • FPGA Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Application Software Design
  • Product & System Design

Hardware Design

Hardware design is an essential part of designing an embedded product. VeNMSOL's Hardware Design group offers full turnkey hardware prototyping solutions. Our hardware expertise can provide our customers with a full range of services including functional specifications and requirement documentation, schematics, layout, prototype manufacturing and testing.  

At VeNMSOL, the designs have included 8/16/32 bit microprocessors from almost all the major vendors; Static Ram, Flash Memory, Communication Interface Devices, Display Controllers.  The control logic for each design has been implemented utilizing an appropriate technology, such as PAL's, CPLDs or FPGA's. We can offer Altera, Actel, Xilinx and Quick-Logic FPGA based designs, including converting discrete logic circuits into FPGAs.

Our design expertise span around mixed signals using extensive analog circuits to process high frequency, low level signals & interfacing the same using ADC's up to 16 bits resolutions. Designs are implemented using multiplayer boards & using SMT & designed to meet various EMI & EMC requirements for high speed mixed signal circuits.

VeNMSOL's service for customized hardware development includes,

  • High-speed Digital Designs
  • Mixed Signal Designs
  • Board Designs
  • DSP & Embedded Processor based Designs
  • FPGA Designs
  • Reference Board/ Design

Embedded Software Design

VeNMSOL's Embedded Software division has an excellent track record of experience in developing embedded products. The company can add significant value to custom embedded application development efforts on most popular Embedded Processor Families and RTOS. We have worked with clients to develop a variety of applications for Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, Semiconductors, Medical / Healthcare, Automotive, Networking & Communications, Security / Surveillance, Video, Image Processing.

Our core development team more focused on embedded application development using different operating systems & RTOS and file systems for a variety of hardware processors. We have also been involved in OS / Driver / Application porting & optimization and in product migration and maintenance .

We strive hard in providing turnkey custom solutions based on real-life product development experience being part of delivering number of embedded products and solutions.

Our Expertise includes,

  • Board Bring Up Service
  • Board Support Package Services including Boot loaders & File Systems, RTOS, Device drivers etc
  • Device Driver development for various I/O devices
  • DSP algorithm development
  • FPGA Based Custom Application
  • Protocol Library & Framework
  • Embedded Applications Development
  • Porting, Optimization & Product Migration for client’s existing products

Application SW Design

VeNMSOL portrays the need for developing application software as part of the product development life-cycle in many product development scenarios. We do application consulting services and applications transformation consulting, for applications development and integration. Our application focus areas include Windows applications, Linux/embedded applications, and Java applications for desktop, server, and embedded platforms.

We ensure efficient and effective approach on move to application deployment on providing following services:

  • Development of applications on desktop, server, and embedded environments
  • VC++, MFC, C#/.NET, JAVA based desktop application development and sustenance
  • Porting of applications from older technologies to .NET / JAVA framework
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and development using frameworks like QT, GTK, or Adobe Flash
  • Development of enterprise Java applications
  • Web-enabling of applications by using AJAX and Web2.0 frameworks

We ensure efficient and effective approach on move to cloud deployment on providing following services:

  • Storage as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Backup as a service
  • Disaster recovery service
  • IoT Specific Service

Mobile APPS Design

VeNMSOL works towards the latest business trends, empowers companies with the tools and information that enables the business to be more competitive. Our application developments synchronize with enterprise applications and smart devices. Our technology focus has brought a paradigm shift in the way the businesses operation with customers.

VeNMSOL has a history of delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Starting with our standard platform and applications we tailor to the deliverables for various custom specific solutions.

VeNMSOL has proficiency in mobile application development on all major mobile platforms: iPhone / iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Embedded CE, Embedded Linux, Symbian Mac X and Tizen. We are pushing the limits of mobile platform capabilities with the development of the most innovative mobile apps for our clients.

With ongoing experience in mobile application design we bring value to our customers in versatile activities some of which are listed below:

  • Android - Google Mobile Application Development
  • BlackBerry - RIM Mobile Application Development
  • iPhone - Apple Mobile Application Development
  • Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Java ME Application Development
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Mobile Application Porting
  • Mobile validation services

Product & System Design

Due to the current extremely fast-paced competitive market with continual innovation and technology advancement, product development companies need to strive for innovative solutions to achieve faster time-to-market in a new product space. However, they system have strong engineering constraints like low power, small footprint, low failure tolerance, low cost etc. which makes it extremely difficult for companies to develop new products at a rapid pace.

VeNMSOL has strong engineering expertise in Product Design Services for both Hardware Prototyping and Embedded Software Development. Our Company’s focus is on turning customer's concepts into world-class products through our unique set of value-added solutions.

Our Design centers can provide the following services,

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Requirement Specification Definition
  • Hardware Prototyping
  • Architectural Design
  • System Design
  • Hardware and Embedded Software Development
  • Application Deployment
  • Module Integration and Testing
  • Documentation
  • Product Release
  • Sustenance/Maintenance & Product Migration
  • Feature Enhancement