Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

Our company provides concept-to-market Product Design Services to established technology companies as well as technology startups. In this extremely fast-paced competitive market, realizing an innovative cost-effective product is becoming exceedingly difficult. VeNMSOL provides services enabling its clients to maintain quality standards to meet the stringent demands of product reliability, high performance & low cost.

Due to the current extremely fast-paced competitive market with continual innovation and technology advancement, product development companies need to strive for innovative solutions to achieve faster time-to-market in a new product space..

VeNMSOL has strong engineering expertise in Product Design Services for both Hardware Prototyping and Embedded Software Development. Our Company’s focus is on turning customer's concepts into world-class products through our unique set of value-added solutions

VeNMSOL offers clients the benefit of being a single source for everything needed for product development life cycle, especially as we offer both hardware design as well as software development. This integrated product realization environment is backed by our willingness to go beyond simply following the standard blueprints for product development.

Our products and solutions focused are,

  • IP Video Surveillance
  • IoT
  • Smart Board
  • Smart Digital Signage
  • Media Management Software
  • Software IP