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Media Management Software

The media management software is an essential part of any digital signage, digital television, IPTV, surveillance system, and media players, etc. Our media management software core designed is in such a way to adapt on different media content service based on the customer requirement in defined short interval of development time. The adaptive and configurable design is user friendly to manage media content on local or remote media from camera or any other source with recording features.

Media management software can also review and gives the important analysis of the live or recorded video. For an example, these analytics can range from retail software that tracks customer movements to better design stores to motion detection searches during any time on video surveillance applications.

With ongoing experience in Media Management Softwaredesign we bring value to our customers in versatile activities some of which are listed below:

Our Media Management Software design service includes,

  • User GUI Design
  • Codec Development and Optimization
  • Network Streamer and Streaming Decoder
  • Audio / Video Analytics
  • Recording and Smart Search
  • Cloud Storage and Playback
  • Local/Remote Live Local or Remote Playback
  • Standard Supports like ONVIF, PSIA, etc.
  • View Clients for Smart Devices