Embedded Software Design

Software acts as the brain for any embedded product, the software is the brains of the system and is responsible for controlling, integrating and managing the hardware components of the system. Consumer requirements are exponentially increasing, and all embedded systems are getting complex day by day. Keeping up with the ever-evolving technological platforms has become a big challenge for all companies world-wide, and having intelligent and well designed embedded software has become a necessity. This is where VeNMSOL comes in the picture for our customers.

VeNMSOL Embedded Software division has an excellent track record of experience in developing embedded products. The company can add significant value to custom embedded application development efforts on most popular Embedded Processor Families and RTOS. We have worked with clients to develop a variety of applications for Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, Semiconductors, Medical/Healthcare, Automotive, Networking & Communications, Security/Surveillance, Video, Image Processing and Avionics & Defense.

Our company has expertise in multiple levels of embedded software and firmware from board bring-up to board support package to device drivers to codecs & DSP algorithms. We have also worked on embedded application development using most of the compilers, assemblers, linkers and utilities across many different operating systems & RTOS and file systems for a variety of hardware processors. We have also been involved in OS/Driver/Application porting & optimization and in product migration and maintenance/sustenance.

VeNMSOL provides not just excellent services and brings intended results, but also demonstrates leadership in investigating alternative development paths to success as an ongoing process during Product Development Services engagements.

We strive hard in providing turnkey custom solutions based on real-life product development experience being part of delivering number of embedded products and solutions.

Our Expertise includes

  • Board Bring Up Service
  • Board Support Package Services including Boot loaders & File Systems, RTOS, Device drivers etc
  • Device Driver development for various I/O devices
  • Codec & complex DSP algorithm - development, porting & integration
  • Protocol Library & Framework
  • Embedded Applications Development
  • Porting, Optimization & Product Migration for client’s existing products


Linux, Unix, Windows.


WinCE, VxWorks, pSoS, DSP / BIOS.

Embedded OS

Embedded Linux, eCOS.


XScale, PowerPC, ARM, DM642, DaVinCi DM355/DM366/DM6446/DM6467.


C/C++, .Net, Java, Assembly languages

Device Drivers

We have expertise in device drivers development for peripherals like USB1.1/2.0, Ethernet Controller, Flash driver, LCD Display, Keyboard, Mouse, Audio Codec, DSP-BIOS Link, Serial port, UART, Timer Porting We have extensive experience in porting software to new architectures and platforms. Board Support Packages

We have experience in writing BSPs for Single Board Computers (SBC).Our experience includes working with DaVinCi, ARM, XScale, PowerPC, 8/16 bit microcontrollers and DSPs (fixed and floating point) architectures for WinCE, VxWorks, pSoS, Embedded Linux, eCOS.

Embedded Application

We have experience in writing Embedded Application for Security Products (Access Control System, Network Camera, Video Server, DVR, NVR), IP TV, Embedded Network Multimedia Applications (HTTP, FTP, RTP/RTSP, SMTP, SNMP) on WinCE, VxWorks, pSoS, Embedded Linux, eCOS.