Application Software Design

VeNMSOL portrays the need for developing application software as part of the product development lifecycle in many product development scenarios. We do application consulting services and applications transformation consulting, for applications development and integration. Our application focus areas include Windows applications, Linux/embedded applications, and Java applications for desktop, server, and embedded platforms.

Desktop Custom Applications

Desktop Custom Applications are rich-client and robust applications that run using the power of the desktop computer. VeNMSOL team has substantial experience in developing and implementing stand alone, robust, multi-user, scalable and user-friendly desktop applications designed to meet customer needs and requirements.

We ensure efficient and effective approach on move to application deployment on providing following services:

  • Development of applications on desktop, server, and embedded environments
  • VC++, MFC, C#/.NET, JAVA based desktop application development and sustenance
  • Porting of applications from older technologies to .NET / JAVA framework
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and development using frameworks like QT, GTK, or Adobe Flash
  • Development of enterprise Java applications
  • Web-enabling of applications by using AJAX and Web2.0 frameworks

Cloud Based Applications

The economic and agility benefits of cloud technology are propelling significant change in the delivery and consumption of IT services, applications, and content. Understanding the need of the industry VeNMSOL delivers secure and scalable hosted Cloud IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources. Provisioning applications and services from a cloud can give end users the operational benefits without the capital expenses of maintaining on-premises environments.

We ensure efficient and effective approach on move to cloud deployment on providing following services:

  • Storage as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Backup as a service
  • Disaster recovery service
  • IoT Specific Service

Web based Applications

Web applications have become an essential component of business in today’s world to increase distribution of the product knowledge and selling opportunities. Web based applications are ruling the product or solution based technology industry. VeNMSOL support both custom web application as well as device friendly web application development.

  • Custom Web Application Development

    The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way business works. VeNMSOL supports to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Device-Friendly Website Development

    The pervasive nature of smart devices make device friendly web design a necessity. VeNMSOL team of usability experts, graphic designers, and front-end design professionals will make sure website looks and works great on designed specific smart device irrespective of the screen size or resolution.

We ensure efficient and effective approach on move to web based solution on providing following services:

  • Customer experience
    • OA&M / Device / Element management.
    • Operational Support System.
    • Network Quality Analyzers.
  • Unified communications
    • Media Application Servers.
    • Oracle Access Management UI for PBX.
  • ERP applications
    • Automation Processes/Workflow.
    • Web GUI test automation.
  • Web portals
    • Location server application.
    • GSM-R access & management.
    • Real-time networks diagnostic.