About Us

About VeNMSOL Technologies

VeNMSOL is a India based global products, technology, hardware, software engineering, and training services in the embedded space. Our expert design and development services have significantly improved the quality and accelerated the time-to-market for a broad range of embedded systems.

VeNMSOL is a highly appreciated and widely recognized prominent high-end training organization provides Industry relevant training solutions to Students, Working Professionals and Corporate houses. Also known as a trailblazer in emerging technologies offers training in niche areas like Embedded Systems Design, VLSI Design, DSP and Software Development.

We are a leading developer, enabler and supplier of Embedded Network and Multimedia Solutions on DSP, RTOS for the bespoke IT marketplace. As a product design and development partner for networking, consumer electronics and embedded systems OEMs.

VeNMSOL provides design technology services in the areas of SoC / ASIC, FPGA, Board, Embedded Software, and Systems level design. Driven by a passion for quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have developed an array of services that address the niche embedded domain, catering to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Our services cover a vast spectrum of industries like Digital Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Wireless, Automotive, Office Automation, Semiconductor, Video Surveillance, Digital Signage, Smart boards, IoT based Internet Appliances and Industrial Applications.

We bring our wealth of embedded systems experience to the challenge of building technically complex products and employ the innovative minds in handling training.


VeNMSOL specializes in cutting edge technology in the areas of Video, Audio, Voice Codecs, Speech Recognition, RTOS, DSP, DVB, DAV, DMB, and Embedded Network Middleware & Device Driver Development. It is about providing a work environment that encourages participation and teamwork, challenges employees with inspiring tasks, and promotes a solid work ethic without compromising informality and fun.

It is about every employee's dedication, teamwork and enthusiasm towards meeting challenges head-on.


Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.

Our vision is to deliver the best Embedded Networking and Multimedia experience on any device on all major platforms as well as to be a Premier Institute with continuous improvement and achieve excellent customer satisfaction in providing high end skill training and development on emerging cutting edge technologies by Bridging the Gap between Academics and Industries.

To connecting Engineers and Developers with Demand Driven Technology Solutions on the art of Building Real-Time Embedded System, VLSI, DSP and Software Solutions, exemplifying In-built excellence of Individuals.

With our continued success and hard work, our vision has become reality!


VeNMSOL have defined six core values to guide our global business conduct:

  • Customer Enthusiasm
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Individual Respect and Responsibility

Our employees conduct their day-to-day business with the strong foundation of our core values.

Integrity is one of our core values; we live it every day, with each decision we make and each action we take. Integrity transcends borders, language and culture; it’s all about creating an environment that supports, and demands, proper business conduct. Doing the right thing is not always convenient, but it’s essential to sustaining our culture of integrity and our leadership position in corporate responsibility. It means honest and accurate reporting of our performance, both internally and externally.

It means competing and succeeding by the rules, whether they are laws, regulations, or simply VeNMSOL policy. It means making our actions match our words.

Winning with integrity’ also describes four cultural priorities that we consider to be critical to the success of our business, they are:

  • Enhance product and customer focus
  • Act as one company
  • Embrace stretch targets
  • Move with a sense of urgency.


VeNMSOL strives to deliver reliability and excellence to customers by ensuring high standards in products and service offerings, through well-defined processes. We, at VeNMSOL, believe that we can provide sustained excellence for customer success through innovation in product engineering and technology integration; driven by internal processes and an effective quality management system.

VeNMSOL QMS is a consolidation of experiences and best practices that are aligned to standard quality processes and models. Continuous improvement and an effective quality management system has been a hallmark of VeNMSOL progress over the years. The active involvement of management in formulating and ensuring strict adherence to quality norms is the key to the high quality standards at VeNMSOL.